The Girl Behind These Stories

Helsinki-based writer, travel buff and wine aficionado whose life was profoundly changed by her love for sparkles. Always on the go, craving for inspiration and stories. Some call it restlessness, I say it’s all about curiosity and wanderlust.

Exploring new latitudes while cherishing deep love for bustling cities like Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome – as well as for my latest crush, Champagne, and my hometown. Stories about impressions, delicious experiences, funny coincidences and charming back alleys.

Sometimes my wining and dining is well planned, sometimes the most memorable surprises arise at local eateries. For me the greatest joy is to try new wines in good company. Just lean back, enjoy and seize the moment.

And I never turn down a glass of champagne. So if we happen to meet here or there, I am glad to share a bottle of noble bubbles with you.

Or even two, if we have time until sunrise.

– Sanna

PHOTO (left): Lari Järnefelt / Felt Fotografi.

PHOTO (right): Giuseppe Rosario Mingione / My mad mathematician friend from Parma.

All other pictures in these blog posts are mine unless stated otherwise.

2 thoughts on “The Girl Behind These Stories

  1. Hei, Sanna! Minä olin se nutturapäähippi joka pyysin sinua opiskelukavereitteni kanssa yhteiskuvaan Ruoka- ja viinimessuilla
    Vielä kerran lämmin kiitos viinimaistiaisista ja loistavista palvelusta! Varsinkin se toinen chileläinen punainen vei kielen mennessään!

    1. Iso kiitos, Ville. Kiva kuulla, että setting & serviisi miellyttivät. Cono Sur Ocio on loistava viini. Ja te Perhon jolpit rokkaatte! Suomalainen viinikulttuuri on selkeesti hyvissä kengissä.

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